Find the way back after divorce, breakup, or loss of intimacy

Emerge stronger, more balanced, and more fulfilled...
ready to connect with the better life and love that awaits you.

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Experience greater accomplishment and fulfillment in your today and everyday that follows...

Tap into your internal mechanisms for goal setting and achievement with this special workshop and coaching sessions package.

Have you ever felt uncertain of what drives you in life?

Go from where you are to where you want to be


Your ATG Path

Aligned to your life


I take special care to know you, your situation, and your goals so that every step aligns with helping you breakthrough today and everyday forward.

From start to finish ATG is not about you following after or copying anyone else… your situation is personal, your way out will be unique.



Trust in the process and in one another is essential to relationship coaching success. You'll find comfort in an environment free of judgement, filled with respect, and safeguarded to encourage transparency.

You will find a safe harbor here that encourages you to face your fears and discover your true desires.


Although I apply proven methods, how we implement them into your life depends on what works to best encourage and support your growth during the process.
We’ll find the right solutions that help you to stop repeating the same mistakes of the past. You’ll plug into new personal perspectives that empower life-long transformation.

Grow through what you go through


The ATG Focus



We’ll explore ways to reach inner peace and leverage that to focus on growth and living your best life.

Focus on Healing / Resolving Issues / Regrouping

Help you strengthen for moving forward



We’ll identify and work through obstacles that may be holding you back from true connection. 

Focus on Your Unique Big Picture

Help you map out your own plan for success



You’ll gain a deeper self-awareness, honing your ability to make purpose-driven decisions in life and love.

Focus on completing your steps toward higher goals

Help you check against the plumbline of your priorities

The Journey Carefully and Thoughtfully

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The ATG Vision

Strengthen your heart while lighting your path
I've walked the path I provide for others myself

I understand what is at stake – what you could lose by not properly caring for yourself and what you gain with greater clarity in your own goals and how to achieve them.

With this understanding in mind, I created ATG to help you:

  • protect yourself and those you care for as you make important decisions,
  • move forward without creating new wounds,
  • grow stronger to overcome the deepest hurts and most challenging situations.

My own experiences, coaching hundreds 1-on-1, and connecting with thousands more through media and presentations formed the vision pillars  that shape my process. 

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Vance Andree

ICW Certified coach, etc
vision pillar #1
Clarify where you are and what you want to achieve

I understand how difficult sorting through everything you face and feel right now can be. So my program starts by bringing clarity to the present moment and recognizing your big picture. We’ll discuss your priorities and design a plan that considers the challenges before you.


I will not diagnose you with any “condition” and I won’t judge you for how you feel. Instead, we will focus on the life you want to build by guiding you through a proven process to bridge the gaps.

vision pillar #2
Grasp new perspectives that bring greater peace and freedom
“Make sense” of dynamics that may have caused you pain for years.
Uncover what you truly want from a partnership and take steps to successfully build it.
Separate what you can control from what you cannot and find peace in both.
Master 3 strategies to take control of your life and actions: accept, change or remove yourself from the situation.
vision pillar #3
Ignite inner strength and confidence to reach your highest goals.
Regardless of your starting point – I designed ATG to help you gain strength as you move through the process.
We begin by  assisting you in overcoming the real challenges that can keep you in the starting blocks.

Then your first small steps towards success will help you recognize the light at the end of the tunnel.   As you gain traction, that light will grow brighter as you grow stronger, more confident, and more settled within yourself.

When you kindle your transformation each day– you will watch your commitment grow as well.
The discipline you nurture within yourself becomes the spark that sustains your long-term success in reaching even your most challenging goals.
My Mission
To help men and women experience the joy of being in healthy, balanced and fulfilling relationships
My Promise
To offer a safe, supportive harbor for those wanting to transform their relationship journey.
Ready to strengthen your journey?
move forward to a more deeply fulfilling love life

Help for your Journey

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ATG Coaching

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FAQs / Get Started

A relationship coach can help you set and reach relationship goals, understand your current partnership, thrive inside your marriage or relationship, grieve a lost loved-one, or take your long-term romance to the next level.
A relationship coach can help you set and reach relationship goals, understand your current partnership, thrive inside your marriage or relationship, grieve a lost loved-one, or take your long-term romance to the next level.
  • Deepen, reconnect or add passion to a current relationship.
  • Move past negative beliefs that sabotage true connection/fulfillment.
  • Improve their communication skills and conflict resolution strategies.
  • Overcome obstacles associated with previous relationships.
  • Identify what they truly want/value in an intimate relationship.
You are billed a month at a time, on the first of the month, for that month. The cost of the six session coaching package is $240 a month, billed each month for three months. I do not take insurance nor do I give discounts. These rates are already discounted from my normal $150 an hour rate due to the slow economic recovery and my desire to make coaching more accessible. I will cover the cost of our telephone calls by calling you at your scheduled time.
Being vulnerable face to face with a stranger can feel awkward and scary (especially for men). Working over the phone eliminates this obstacle and can actually speed our work up.
are spent getting to know you, formulating a plan and solving any immediate burning issues. After that, we work on both what’s happening in your life and on moving you towards what you ultimately want. to help you understand your situation or problem and make a plan for what should be done about the situation. At the end of the session, if you are interested, we will create a coaching plan for you and move forward into a coaching program.
What you will experience in your coaching sessions is a combination of information, perspective shifts, behavior changes on your part, and techniques to help you make the changes easier.

Getting Started


Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

The first step is to schedule your complimentary exploration call where we spend time getting to know you, formulating a plan, and solving any immediate burning issues. After that, we work on both what’s happening in your life and on moving you towards what you the goals you want to acheieve.  

Ready to start?

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